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Fliteboard AIR

An easy-going, inflatable board for learning and adventures

From €10.995

The safest eFoil
on the market

Learn to fly
in under an hour

Built for riders
up to 120kg


AIR is ideal for yachts, Fliteschools, resorts and families. Increased buoyancy and stability make it the perfect eFoil for beginners and heavier or older riders.


AIR has an inflatable exterior around a solid carbon core, making it lighter to use and easy to roll up for transport and storage.



With 164 litres volume and rider weight up to 120kg, heavier riders can lay, kneel and stand with ease.




Made to be used. For Fliteschools or yachts, it’s strong enough to maintain constant enjoyment.

Forgiving falls

AIR’s width and length create a stable platform for learning. The shorter 60cm mast makes it more forgiving when you fall.


Cruise control

Fliteboard’s unique Virtual Gears system makes it easier for first time riders to fly. Focus on balancing the board, not the trigger.


Dual Drive

Use Flite Jet for extra safety, or change to a prop as your confidence improves. Dual Drive allows you to switch from jet to prop in seconds.




We love teaching people. AIR makes it easy for first timers to get flying.

Gnarly Harley



Share the adventure

Flite App wirelessly downloads your data so you can relive your ride. Aerial, map-based, video playback lets you see and share every detail of your session.

Stay afloat

Flite Impact Vest is essential when Fliteboarding. Comfortable and stylish, you could wear it all day.

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