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From a spark of inspiration to a global
phenomenon, we are relentless in our
pursuit of excellence.

Innovation leader

Flite is pioneering the future of electric hydrofoil technology. Series 3 is our purest expression of design, performance and craftsmanship.

What’s new Series 3

Most awarded eFoil

Power of choice
including world’s lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery

Whether you want the most agile
ride with 6.2kg Flitecell Nano or the longest with Flitecell. Explore, our market – leading batteries have you covered.

Battery options

Flitecell Nano for ultimate agility

Flitecell Nano is the world’s smallest and lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery. With up to 45 mins foil time, it provides effortless manoeuvrability.

Flitecell Sport for sports enthusiasts

Flitecell Sport comes standard with every Fliteboard configuration. With up to 1.5 hours foil time, it provides a fast and responsive ride.

Flitecell Explore for adventure seekers

Flitecell Explore is a bigger battery containing more premium cells for a longer ride. Go further with up to 2.5 hours foil time.

Flitecell Chargers

Choose from 25A Flitecell Fast Charger or 13.5A Flitecell Charger.


Hydrofoil power

Containing premium 21700 cells, as used in electric hypercars, these cells deliver a more aggressive ride. Additional thermal headroom means they won’t overheat.

Titanium reinforced

Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal. It’s strong and corrosion resistant, which is why we’ve used it to house our premium cells.


Phase Change Materials

Our range of Flitecells contain Phase Change Materials, which absorb and release energy. PCM provides enhanced thermal management, safety and longevity.

Advanced Battery Management System

Our BMS is unbeatable for a swift, safe charge and consistent temperature control. Three levels of fusing adds redundancy for electronics failures.

Sight glass

Sight glass allows you to check for water in the battery compartment, but with a water resistance rating of IP67 that won’t be necessary.


Flite Jet
flying on cloud nine

The safest, smoothest ride gives
you peac of mind as you glide
above the water.



Fully shielded impeller reduces risk of contact while you hydrofoil for peace of mind.

Smoothest ride

Flite Jet is beautifully simple and precisely engineered. It creates an unbroken water stream to silently and smoothly propel you into the future.


Our expert hydrodynamicists developed the world’s smallest eFoil jet for riders up to 100kg.

Matching wings

Cruiser Jet wings are perfectly paired with Flite Jet for the most stable and efficient glide.

Dual Drive

Cruise the lake with friends or family on Flite Jet then switch to the True Glide prop for wave riding. Dual Drive lets you change systems in seconds.


for the propeller heads

Our fibre-reinforced propellers
provide market-leading thrust,
efficiency and speed.


Perfect pitch

Flite Propeller and True Glide deliver low end drive with top end speed, along with stability, thrust and control.

Torque and performance

Refined design enables learning to carve around race markers. Acceleration, control and sudden stops are possible.

Considered composites

30% glass fibre combined with high density nylon ensures lightweight power delivery, without the shaking or vibration often associated with heavier metal props.

3 blades

Tri-design reduces cavitation and improves propelling efficiency.

Dual Drive
expand your horizon

The ultimate ride gives you choice. That’s why we’ve created
the world’s first interchangeable jet and propeller system.

Flite Controller
at your fingertips

Flite Controller’s intuitive design
makes learning easy. Seasoned
riders can advance to feathering the trigger.


Small details, big difference

Flite Controller comes with a floating wrist strap, so you won’t lose it.

Award-winning design

Our multi award-winning, ergonomic Flite Controller provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider.


When life’s this sunny you need a high-contrast data display. A wide range of information is visible at the touch of a button.


Magnetic charging

There are no plugs to connect, just snap on the charging magnet and voilà!

Powerful information

Monitor battery consumption, foil time, distance and speed. You’ll get an alert when the battery runs down to 50%.

Smart, connected

Log your ride or make it social. Flite Controller features Bluetooth, GPS and sophisticated ride telemetry.

Patented cruise control

Virtual Gears, exclusive to Fliteboard, make learning to hydrofoil cruisy. Just focus on balancing the board.

tech made easy

The brain beneath the board operates with wireless
updates and two power cables. It’s plug and play at its finest.


Streamlined design

There are no electronics in the board. Less can go wrong and there’s less to maintain. A lightbar tells you the status of the system and the battery.


Flitebox is a powerful onboard computer that coordinates data from multiple sources for an epic rider experience.

Wireless updates

We’re constantly fine-tuning and improving your ride without any stress on your end. Updates are wireless.


Patented heatsink

Our Flitebox system is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium, complete with finned heatsink to keep all electronics cool.


Designed to perform in harsh environments. Premium quality construction means reduced risk of corrosion.

World’s best ride

Not all eFoils are created equal.
Advanced design creates best in
class balance, stability and responsiveness.
Paired with our handmade boards, Fliteboard is part
engineering part work of art.


Geared for power and precision

Developed in Germany specifically for Fliteboard, the Neugart gearbox delivers unmatched torque.

Ride higher

Positioning the motor at the base of the hydrofoil lets you ride higher, with 3 mast lengths to choose from (60, 75 or 80cm).

Perfect propulsion

We use the smallest diameter motor on the market (60mm) for greater hydrodynamic efficiency and maximum ride time.


Smart mast

Strong aircraft grade aluminium also functions as a heatsink to cool the motor. No cumbersome cooling tubes needed.

Seamless manufacturing

Each unibody fuselage is machined to perfection from a single block of aluminium in a 14-hour process.

Connect with nature

Experience the feeling of freedom as you glide quietly above the water on electric power.


Customise with ease

Personalise your Fliteboard with your choice of colour, wings, shims, battery, mast and propulsion system.


Connect. Discover. Share.

Over 7,500 riders in 90+ countries with 50,000+
sessions logged. Flite App brings
the next level of community to the
global sport of Fliteboarding.

App features


Compete for top spot across four online leaderboards that show the best riders each week, month, year and of all time.

Wave Mode

Auto-detection of unpowered rides keeps the board armed, while wave distance and quantity is displayed in Flite App and linked to leaderboards.

Flite community

Flite App allows you to share your rides and see where others are Fliteboarding. Discover new places to ride on the interactive map.

mph or km/h

Customisable ride data lets you select preferred units of measurement (km/h, mph, knots, °C, °F, Kelvin).

Which Fliteboard is right for you?


Most versatile
from €9.995


Level up
from €9.995


Extreme riding
from €11.995


Beginner friendly
from €10.495

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