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Fliteboard ULTRA series 2

The ULTRA is an adrenaline machine. At just 4 foot 2 inches, the reduced swing weight lets experienced riders to  push their limits. on the smallest, board available.

Foot straps come standard, backflips are optional. Advanced riders can setup “Pro Mode” by removing the prop guard with our prop duct removal kit – this will increase responsiveness, efficiency and run time.



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Fliteboard configuration includes

Flite Controller
Wing set includes Front Wing and Stabiliser
Premium Charger
eFoil Travel Bag
Fliteboard Bag
Accessories Pouch
2 Year Warranty

Extreme Fliteboarding, without compromise.

  • Pocket Rocket. 4’2” and 54 litres means the Ultra rides like an extension of your own body, making you part of the ecosystem.
  • Clean touchdowns. Meticulously crafted hull gets you planing and optimises touchdowns in radical turns.
  • Footstraps & leash plug. The world’s first eFoil with factory-fitted footstraps allows you to jump higher and carve even harder.
  • Technically superior eFoil wings. Flow and Race wings have been parametrically designed with the Ultra in mind. The best of science with hours of rider testing and feedback.
  • Underwater performance. Ride higher, longer, faster and turn harder – all with perfect stability. Our integrated foil and motor mean riders can feel the difference over other eFoils that have the motor clamped to the mast.
  • True Glide & Pro Tail. True Glide lets you catch waves and ride swells using the power of the ocean, while the Pro Tail cover improves performance and responsiveness. These optional extras are totally worth it.


Superior sub-surface design

Ride higher and turn harder with our unique subsurface design

A key advantage of integrating the motor into the fuselage (instead of clamping the motor to the mast) is to provide a longer effective mast to ride higher without breaching.

This allows more extreme lean angles and powerful turns as well as giving more flexibility over swell or across choppy water. Size does count after all.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the motor; it’s made for performance. We use a reduction gearbox, which generates greater torque from a smaller, faster spinning mechanism. Our fuselage has the smallest diameter on the market (60mm) for greater hydrodynamic efficiency.

Strap in

For the ride of your life

Optional footstraps connect you to the board and the ocean like never before. (Plus, they help our product testers land backflips.)Recommended upgrades:

The True Glide™ propeller lets riders fly to extremes with and without the use of the motor.

Boost performance by replacing the prop duct with the Pro Tail cover.


Flow and Race for Ultra rides

The new performance wings have been specifically developed for expert riders on Fliteboard Ultra and Pro. The Flow range comprises six wings designed for waves and hard carving, including wing breaches. Race has been designed for full-throttle riding at high speeds.


Choosing your wing sets

  • Flyer 800 + Flite 290 [Recommended]. Experienced and lighter riders. Medium and fast foiling. Long range, high speed. Tight turns and waves.
  • Cruiser 1100 + Flite 290 [Intermediate].  All purpose wing, easy and stable enough for anyone to use. Medium cruising speeds. Carving and riding swell.
  • Flow S 1300 + Flow 245 [Advanced]. Large and fun surfing wing. Great for slow waves and low-speed manoeuvring. Low takeoff speed and responsive turning. This lower aspect version of the Flow 1300 has increased roll rate and safer wing tips (at the expense of glide).
  • Flow 1300 + Flow 245 [Advanced]. The ultimate wing for powered off wave gliding with our True Glide prop. Flow 1300 takes off early and glides, and glides. Despite it’s large size (1m span) the Flow 1300 is agile and responsive in turns.
  • Flow 1100 + Flow 245 [Advanced]. Responsive and intuitive wing for hard carving and wave riding. Great for rail-to-rail turns and aggressive riding styles.
  • Flow 900 + Flow 245 [Advanced].Fastest surf wing for big waves and high speeds. Carve hard and hit critical wave sections with maximum responsiveness.
  • Race 700  + Race 200 [Advanced]. The name says it all. If speed is your thing, this 50km/h wing is for you. Performs best in Pro Mode (with the prop duct removed) and a low stabiliser shim. Fastest wing available, agile and responsive for advanced riders seeking top speed.


Cruiser Range

Beginner friendly-Stable-Early takeoff


The Cruiser Range is all about stability. Larger wings allow for earlier foiling at slower speeds. Advanced riders can take advantage of the extra glide to ride swells without the use of the motor.

Cruiser 1100

The  most popular all-purpose wing. Every new Fliteboarder should have one. Takes off early and offers an impressive speed range and efficiency.



Cruiser 1800

The largest and most stable wing used at Fliteschools around the world. Suits beginners, heavier riders and those wanting a more docile ride. Early take-off and slow to medium cruising.


Flow range       

High aspect-Loose & responsive-High glide-Great for waves


These high aspect wings are loose and manoeuvrable. Ride waves, or ride rivers like a wave.




Flow 1300

The ultimate wing for power-off wave gliding with our True Glide prop. Flow 1300 takes off early and just glides. Despite it’s large size (one metre span) it’s agile and responsive.


Flow 1100

The most versatile Flow wing. Large enough for wave glides and high turns at slow speeds, small enough to push fast.


Flow 900

Fastest surf wing for bigger waves and high speeds. Carve hard in flat water with a very loose and responsive feel.




Flow S Range           


Medium aspect-Extreme roll rate-Great for waves

Flow S 1300

This wing lets you ride slow and throw your Fliteboard around in wild turns, and catch waves.


Flow S 1100

This super-snappy wing is at a size that allows slow speed riding, but still with the ability to push hard.

Flow S 900

A wild wing that is the loosest of them all. For the most responsive ride possible at medium to fast speeds.


Speed Range

High aspect-Stable at speed-Locked in carves-Low drag, high speed

These wings come to life at higher speed. Perfect for controlled carving. Just like snowboarding without the frostbite.



A very popular wing that offers high speeds and more responsiveness. The go-to wing for intermediate and advanced riders looking to carve hard and push their top speed.




The name says it all. If fast carves and top speed is your thing, this 50km/h wing is for you. Performs best in Pro Mode with the prop duct removed.




Fine tune your ride

A range of stabilisers are available including: Flite 290 (most popular), Flow 245, Race 200 and Flite 500.

Flite 500

Our largest, most stable stabiliser wing. Designed to accompany the Cruiser 1800 Wing, but can also work with the Cruiser 1100 wing for increased pitch stability.


Flite 290

All purpose stabiliser that comes standard with every Fliteboard. The 290 stabiliser works well with every Fliteboard main wing.



Flow 245

Designed to be paired with the Flow wing range.



Race 200

Designed for high speed use with the Race and Flyer wings.







Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 172 × 71 cm



Black, Silver

eFoil length and finish

75cm (29") Black, 75cm (29") Silver

Wing set

Cruiser 1100 + Flite 290 [Intermediate], Flow 1100 + Flow 245 [Advanced], Flow 1300 + Flow 245 [Advanced], Flow 900 + Flow 245 [Advanced], Flow S 1300 + Flow 245 [Advanced], Flyer 800 + Flite 290 [Recommended], Race 700 + Race 200 [Advanced]

Battery type

"Explore" – 90min runtime-2,1kwh, "Sport" – 60min runtime-1.6kwh

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