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Weight: 34.5kg(battery included)

Electric Foil

Dimensions: 1680 x 670 x 1000mm

Weight: 34.5kg(battery included)

Top Speed: 45km/h (28mph)*

Est Ride Time: 120min*

Load Range: 100kg(220lbs)

Material: Carbon Fiber


Taillight: Red LED

Propulsion System

Max Output Power: 5kW

Motor Type: Brushless

ESC Critical Functions: ESC protection as overheat, over-current , over-voltage protection, block protection


Dimensions: 743 x 714 x 80mm

Remote Controller

Screen: AMOLED 0.95inch

Max Operating Time: 25hr

Charge Time: 2.5hr

Protection Grade: IP68


Max Power:1500W


Dimensions: 535 x 440 x 95mm

Weight: 18.5kg

Capacity: 52.8Ah/2661Wh

Protection Grade: IP68

BMS Critical Functions:BMS protection as Overheat, over-current , balanced charging, over-voltage protection, over discharge protection, water detection, fault and historical data storage

Charge Time: 2hr 30min

Working Temperature: 0-40℃ (32-104°F)

Charging Temperature: 10-45℃ (50-113°F)

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